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New Englands first semi-pro Box lacrosse team. We are seeking committed athletes ages 21+ who aspire to play professional lacrosse or simply extend their post college career..  The Voyageurs compete in fast paced, hard hitting, Canadian style "Box" lacrosse. The Quebec Senior Lacrosse League runs from Mid-May to the end of July and culminates with the Presidents Cup , Canadian Senior B National Championship in Alberta during August 2012.

Five Vermont Voyageurs were selected to represent Team USA vs the Iroquois Nationals in the 2011 "Bowhunters Cup".

We also will offer a "Junior" Voyageurs program for players ages 17-21 starting in June after the completion of the NCAA field lacrosse season. The Junior Voyageurs will play weekend games against teams from the Quebec Junior Lacrosse League and compete in the Onondaga Junior Tournament, (Syracuse, NY)  in early August. 

It is well documented that NCAA field lacrosse players who compete in "Box" lacrosse improve their stickwork, and ability to finish on the smaller goals against heavily padded goalies.




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